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The Grove – (Il Bosco)

125 hectares (309 acres) of pristine olive groves in Statte Italy, a province of Puglia, delineates our storied estate. Century’s prior to commercial endevours, our predecessors tirelessly produced, harvested, and passed down the tradition of our olive oil. That passion and commitment to tradition still rings true today.

The fertile lands of Castello Tudisco sit peacefully in the nutrient rich land between the Gulf of Taranto (to the South West), and the Adriatic Sea (to the East). The enduring natural setting evokes within the people of the region, a sense of awe from what nature has provided. It is our intention to continue this time tested tradition by maintaining our, now environmentally protected, land in accordance to the principals of biological agriculture.
We are proud to produce both Coratina and Leccino olives. Coratina olives are found in BéVoo, DéVoo, and our line of Évooc spreads. It is with even more pride that the Coratina olives in BéVoo adhere to the strict requirements of the NOP (National Organic Program) set by the USDA. On an annual basis, our entire production process is rigorously inspected and validated. By donning the NOP credentials, we assure our consumers that zero GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or chemical fertilizers have aided in the growth and protection of our groves. Moreover, the NOP badge assures our consumers that all process, from harvesting, storage, and bottling, are kept completely separate from non-certified products.

Though the storied history of the castle, and the strong lineage of the families who occupied it is fascinating, it was both the land, and the fruit that truly sculpted the lifestyles, the values, and the livelihoods of many generations.